Sworn and certified yacht broker and appraiser

Blaauwhof Yacht Brokerage has over twenty years of experience as a yacht broker on an international level. You may rely on our solid technical knowledge. We are a member of the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) and the Dutch association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers (NBMS).


Services for the buyer

Aside from the extensive inventory list we want to provide you with fair information about the yacht beforehand, to avoid disappointment at a viewing. Your questions will be answered in consultation with the owner.



You may expect guidance from Blaauwhof Yacht Brokerage with regards to:

  • price negotiation
  • trial runs and/or expertise
  • research into VAT-status
  • verification and disenrollment of registration
  • preparation for sea
  • performing repairs
  • organizing transport
  • contracts in Dutch, English or German


Blaauwhof Yacht Brokerage uses a separate bank account for clients (trust account). Your downpayment and final payment are secure.